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Sienna nights * Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes

Yffie's graphics
3 May

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I'm Yvonne a.k.a. Yffie and you have found my graphics journal! I'm a 24 year old, single woman from the Netherlands who loves to be around people, listen to music, read books or do creative things such as icon making or even the old-fashioned knitting...
I got onto LJ a few years back thanks to BFF leetje who introduced me to a whole new world online. I'm shy though and not too active in keeping up new contacts for that, I'm afraid. In my personal journal you'll get to know me and my busy, yet exciting, life as a social worker.
I'm still a bit of a newbie to making graphics, but Photoshop CS2 is beginning to look familiar these days and I just love to create something out of beautiful pictures. Feel free to take a look around my journal and don't be afraid to let me know what you think, for feedback is ♥ and helps me grow!

Sienna_Nights' Rules
♥ Commenting is a wonderful thing, but I can't make you do it
♥ If you take any of my graphics, please credit sienna_nights or yffie
♥ DON'T hotlink! It's easy to safe the icons onto your pc and/or image host
♥ Please don't alter my icons, I spend a long time making them. If you want something different, just make a request!
♥ Friending isn't a must, but it would be nice for the both of us. You can keep track of my updates that way and I'm always willing to friend back to meet new people.

. Books . Music . Travel . Movies . Television . Photoshop . Creativity .

. Prison Break . Criminal Minds . CSI:New York . Leverage . House . Fringe . NCIS . Life . Lost . Medium . The Mentalist . Castle . Grey's Anatomy . a.o .

. Shemar Moore . Christian Kane . Emily Deschanel . Christian Bale . Vin Diesel . Charlize Theron . Wentworth Miller . Maggie Gyllenhaal . Simon Baker .

Current Projects
♦ Subject: Rome, Italy for 100stockicons - Status: ON HOLD
♦ Subject: Stella Bonasera [CSI:NY] for icons100 - Status: ON HOLD
♦ Subject: Criminal Minds moodtheme [season 3 & 4] - Status: ONGOING

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